UX Designer

I have a penchant
for easing users' interaction
with digital products.

Latest Update

Winner at Hackathon tagged “Super People Hack” by Rio Tinto. More info soon.

Works/Case Study

Each work was executed individually, in a team, as a consultant or basically as a UX Designer.

Australian Skin Lab

We worked on building a skincare and haircare brand on the Gold Coast, which eventually won awards at Gold Coast Business Awards 2020.

Language Learning App

An app that targets Africans in the diaspora with the intention of building interest in African languages.

UX Design Process

Every project is executed taking into consideration how my role can impact the result of building a viable product that genuinely adds value to end-user and projects accurately the problems a company is attempting to solve.


Projects’ vision starts with you, the client. I will empathize with you on your ideas then, provide solutions in building the product.


As a UX designer, I am equipped with technical know-how in choosing the right research methodologies that lead to building user-centric products.


Design thinking takes the front wheel in the product development phase. It guides the approach in understanding clients’ expectations and in building user-friendly products.


High importance is placed on delivering the project timely. A dedicated effort is placed on meeting the clients’ expectations in line with feasible deadlines.