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Australian skin lab is the vision of a skincare expert to develop and produce different safe health products by fusing ancient-long indigenous Indian ingredients with modern skincare products technology.


Digital Designer / UX-UI Designer


Australian Skin Lab PTY


The client was selling the skincare product range on Television Shopping Network (TVSN) platform which involves sharing the business’ sales return with TVSN. This has affected the business profit considering all the logistics involved in creating the product.


The client wants to rebrand its products and build a user-friendly e-commerce website to eliminate TVSN’s platform as a point of sale. The business wants to have meaningful direct interaction with customers to better improve customer relationships.

Design Process







The initial research was based on the category of users that purchased the products as sourced from data obtained from Televisions Shopping Network (TVSN). The study showed customers who purchased the product ranged from age 28 – 55.

Further research was conducted with selected passionate customers who agreed to be interviewed, answering some of the salient questions as it relates to the product design and e-commerce website.

Note: There’s a restriction from sharing some of the extensive research data by the business organisation.

Comparative Advantage

While there are other skincare products with natural ingredients, most lack efficiency in tapping into the ancient long skincare regime that has proven to be effective for all skin types.

The skincare ingredients comprise natural components fused with modern ingredients that have been proven safe for the skin through the expert knowledge of the dermatologist, Dr Tanya (A Gold Coast medical general practitioner). 


Project Execution

Before building the website, user research was conducted on the personas that have been purchasing the product on TVSN. As the brand is looking forward to introducing a new skin product that will appeal to a new target audience, a new persona was taken into consideration as well.

Female, Age 33, Married


• Get package deal on skincare products
• See buyers’ feedback on products
• Before and after photos


• Skincare products that work with skin
• Good deal for product
• Effective skincare product


• Ineffective expensive skincare products
• Poor information on the best skincare routine that suits my skin type.


Design Approach

As the business ideology hinges on the fusion of nature and science to develop an effective skincare and hair product range for all skin types. The design elements exploit a simple approach in building the brand identity from choice of colours to the elements used in branding direction.

Logo Design

business stands for in the beauty industry. While some brands create an illusion of being completely organic, the product showcases how using the safest skincare elements science has to offer along with ancient-long Indian herbs to meet skincare users’ current yearning needs.

Website Design

Based on the feedback from the interviews conducted, user flow was designed to guide users to easily meet their expectation with ease. The wireframe was designed to ease customer’s shopping experience and include more information that is easily accessible in helping customers make decision in choosing products that meet their individual needs.

Mid-Fidelity Wireframe

Hi-Fidelity Wireframe


Web Development: After the web design was completed, the design was sent across to the developer for completion.


The project was tedious as I had to take up multiple roles: UX researcher, Graphics Designer, and UI Designer. The advantage is that the experience opened my mind towards building digital products and brands from scratch, which has helped me manage digital projects as a freelancer.

Interesting to also note the product won an award, in 2020 at the Gold Coast Business award under the health and wellbeing category.

Australian Skin Lab

The website user interface is completed and the developer is working on the website.