Call Me, Femi

The UX Designer

Journeyed from the world of fine art into the world of design then interactive media. It has been a worthwhile trip.

About Me

Over the years, I’ve garnered experience as a visual artist, digital designer, UI designer, UX Designer or product designer and digital marketing manager.

In all these roles (apart from visual art where I get selfish, ha-ha), I have grown to interact with product or services end-users, which has built up an unwavering interest in guiding users to meet a product that truly adds value.

Digital product users are the reasons any product is being made and the thoughtfulness of being a tour guide to making the product that solves users’ challenges, is exciting.






Every project is executed taking into consideration how my role can impact the result of building a viable product that genuinely adds value to end-user and projects accurately the problems a company is attempting to solve.


The projects’ vision starts with you, the client. I will empathize with you on your ideas and then, provide solutions for building the product.


As a UX designer, I am equipped with technical know-how in choosing the right research methodologies that lead to building user-centric products.


Design thinking takes the front wheel in the product development phase. It guides the approach in understanding clients’ expectations and in building user-friendly products. 


High importance is placed on delivering the project timely. A dedicated effort is placed on meeting the clients’ expectations in line with feasible deadlines.